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We are experienced Software Engineers with flare and penchant towards innovation and building robust software which benefits and services our clients. We take pride in our massive engineering knowledge accumulated from our past experiences. We excel in modern computing ranging from designing scalable architectural models, applying advanced cloud computing techniques, leverage generative artificial intelligence, optimizing products/solutions, troubleshooting bugs/incidents, developing software/product, programming mobile/cloud applications/services and even marketing. We are thinkers, innovators, practioner, marketers and developers at heart and take pride in dealing with any situation or problem statment.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services are client-centric and focused on customers objectives for scenarios where clear identified paths are present and our client seeks professional guidance. Alterantively we can also deep-dive and provide deeper examination of current situation and offer best course of action and services.

Our consultation models are proven to yield results, needless to state we are driven to make our clients succeed and meet their goals.

  • We establish clear objectives from the beginning, evaluating existing situation. We then work towards providing multiple options which may then be pursued as an actionable item as per our client's choice.
  • Alternatively we also provide deep examination/assessment of current situation vs any future outcomes, using more modern technical and practically feasible action items.
  • Identifying gaps and what we need to overcome for any hurdle(s) is key to our combined success in this approach.
  • With our philosophy from the beginning to be client-centric, we believe in effective reviews throughout our journey with our customers.

Cloud Computing

We provide services in cloud computing for entire computing services — including design, development, monitoring, cost effective solutioning for servers, storage, databases, networking, software, and analytics to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale.

No matter what your current cloud provider is we can help lower your operating costs, run your infrastructure more efficiently, and guide you to scale your business as needs change.

  • We plan for cost effective methods from the beginning, keeping your budget in mind, eliminating the capital expense of buying hardware and software or simply setting up your cloud infrastructure.
  • We strategize our cloud computing services with the ability to scale elastically, consuming just the right amount of IT resources to fit your needs and from the right geographical locations.
  • Our cloud computing services are geared to provide self service and on demand, so that even vast amounts of computing resources can be provisioned in minutes, giving businesses a lot of flexibility and taking the pressure off from capacity planning.
  • Collaborate with us to keep productivity and reliability as your top priority. We can help you plan for data backups, disaster recovery and business continuity for more budget conscious models without risking performance.

CI/CD (DevOps) Transformation

Partner with us in your roadmap to build continuous integration/delivery models. Our DevOps experience stems from being early pioneers through open source models using Jenkins to more modern cloud centric designs and solutioning.

  • Leverage our engineering services from observability, operations, automation, continuous delivery, cloud, infrastructure as code, configuration management to name a few.
  • We focus upon building CI/CD transformation as a driving force towards a cultural change imbibing your company's core values in our heart.
  • Our primary goal with DevOps transformation is to optimize the flow of value from the idea to the end-user and make the delivery of value effective and efficient.

We highly recommend usage of K8s (Kubernetes) as an orchestration tool to automate tasks including management, monitoring, scaling and deployment of containerized (docker) applications.

Software Architecture

Any idea requires proper planning. Plan your next steps discussing technology stack which will yield the best results. Architecture diagrams and layout are critical to bring your idea to fruition, we can help you plan and design the same for you.

  • Plan with high level software architecture diagrams.
  • Software development requires proper pick of software tools. We have extensive knowledge of technology stack currently being used in industry and can suggest alternatives.
  • Ideate with us to strategize your product/project idea discussing high level data or sequence flow.

Every plan must be visualized with strategic goals. We highly recommend and encourage availing our services to plan basic to advance blue prints for your idea. We offer services to design and plan high-deep level architectural diagrams, including data flow and sequence diagrams. We work very closely with you or your team to plan a strategy, improvising as per your needs & vision, to give your idea a methodical approach.

Product Builders (Software Solutioning)

Our software solutioning is geared to make a difference, whether you provide a service or product offering or want to enhance the in-house efficiency of operations and workflows, we can enhance it further with our software solutioning!

Our approach with any software solution encompasses not just the custom code or program that’s written to accomplish particular tasks but also interact with other pieces of software, technology components, and systems to provide solution as a whole.

  • As no solution can be built without proper design and architectural guidelines, the exercise of Solution Design plays a pivotal role. We work collaboratively to lay a strong foundation for building a scalable and robust solution.
  • Our solutioning model includes software development with latest technology stack which can offer the best scalable and robust demands. Our product solution starts with your idea & inputs as a vision to its final delivery.
  • We plan, strategize and then build a solution for entire project setting, including the direction for and expectations from the final delivered solution.

Mobile Computing

Modern Mobile devices and the subsequent application specific solutions have provided much needed gaps driven upon customer centric needs to a very demanding customer base. Mobile based solutions are nowadays a must offer for any product offering. Our mobile solutioning comprises of range of cloud centric services while being focused on security to prevent any customer data from being compromised.

Mobile computing is used in most facets of life both in business and by consumers. It enables users to be untethered from a power source for periods of time. This is advantageous for traveling workers who want to stay connected to their work while on the move. It's also useful for remote workers who may not have all the connectivity and power options they have in an office setting. Our solution offering primarily focus on the following..

  • Portability - We design and plan mobile solutions while they work disconnected from a power source and without a physical network connection and when disconnected from the network.
  • Affordability - Mobile apps must be planned keeping focus on wide range of customer needs. It's important to plan out a model which benefits entire customer base in an affordable and is purpose driven.
  • Data Security - Mobile data exchanges must be protected and should only exchange meaningful protected data which you wish to persist.
  • Multi-Platform - We encourage our clients take advantage of our expertise in building solutions supporting multiple platforms for a global reach.

Information Security

Our solutioning comprises of a range of security tools, solutions, and processes that keep enterprise information secure across devices and locations, helping to protect against cyberattacks or other disruptive events.

Confidentiality, integrity, and availability make up the cornerstones of strong information protection, creating the basis for an enterprise’s security infrastructure and our guiding principles for implementing an InfoSec plan.

  • We can help plan policies, procedures, tools, and best practices enacted to protect applications and their data including enterprise applications to cloud security for systems, data, applications, and infrastructure.
  • We have exposure to advanced cryptography and encryption/decryption techniques and can help you secure communication/data meant only for intended recipients.
  • Plan your disaster recovery, incident response and vulnerability management through our extensive experience in this subject.
  • We encourage usage of federated logins to keep costs of user managemet low and define policy to role based access controls on top in your own solution.

Our Software Engineering Strengths

We have advance expertise in multiple technologies to shape up any type of enterprise scale, mobile, cloud or web engineering solutions...

Our Pricing

We understand everyone has a budget and needs precise tasks to accomplish the best effective solution in shortest timeframe. We have therefore suggested 3 separate pricing model to fit every budget needs.

Service charge will NOT be refunded

Basic Plan

$49 / hr

Billing is hourly based and can be stopped at any time. Would be rounded to next hour. Service charge is non-refundable.

  • Do ideation and discussion
  • Discuss technology stack
  • Architectural planning
  • Identify growth options
  • Trigger marketing ideas

Developer Plan

$99 / hr

Billing is hourly based and requires product development hours to be discussed upfront. Service charge is non-refundable.

  • Identify development approach
  • Identify technology stack
  • Plan your final product/service
  • Developers available for C/C++/.NET/Java/JS etc
  • Database development - RDBMS, NoSQL etc


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Our Team

Our commitment with our partners are joined with the bond to deliver quality services for our clients. We believe in designing, developing and managing services oriented thought process in all aspects of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle).

Rohit K Bhatnagar


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